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Without careful care, the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner on the market can become a waste of money over time. Whether you buy an expensive or cheap vacuum cleaner, its lifespan partly depends on how you maintain it.

In this article, you can refer to some simple tips to keep your model in good condition for a long time.

How to maintain your vacuum cleaner

Before starting, you should read your owner’s manual because there are some tips mentioned here that can't be applied to a few specific models.

1. Empty the dust bag on a regular basis

You should set yourself a schedule for cleaning out the dust bag. Consider the following:

How often do you use your vacuum cleaner?

How much dirt have you collected?

We strongly recommend you vacuum at least once per week.

For heavy-duty cleaning tasks, it's best to empty the dirty bag after every use to keep your vacuum cleaner free from dirt getting inside as well as clogging up the hoses. This also minimizes the tiny dust particles getting released back into the air.

2. Get rid of all dust and dirt

Apart from the dust bag, you have to check and see if the rollers have debris and dirt attached to them and then free the dirt from it.

Note: This task is quite dirty, so you should prepare in advance.

This tip is vital with pet owners because pet hair can be easily tangled in the roller.

Don't ignore this task, unless you don't want the rollers to move anymore.

3. Clean and replace the filters frequently

The filters of the cleaner may vary from model to model, so you need to check the guide to find out where the filters are and how to replace them. Some Best vacuum cleaner for home place them in a convenient central location while others are in different spots.

If you can't clean and replace the filters regularly, it impacts the performance severely.

4. Check the brush mechanism

How do you clean the brush mechanism?

Use a stiff-bristled brush, which can fit into the "mouth" of the cleaner to get rid of all the bits and pieces stuck inside.

This method helps you improve the cleaning ability because clogged brushes can decrease the efficiency.

5. Clean the hose

Regularly cleaning the vacuum hose can improve the overall efficiency of the cleaner.

How do you get rid of dirt and dust caught in the hose?

Turn the machine off and tip it down straight. Just look through to the other end to ensure that it's free of any obstructions.

When looking, pay attention to hold the cleaner down to the ground. On the contrary, holding it up could result in a face full of dust.

In case you can't get rid of clogs by jostling the hose, try carefully using a dowel rod or a coat hanger.

6. Check and clean the vent covers

Vent covers are responsible for preventing large bits of dirt from getting blown around and keeping the vacuum cooler. Thus, if you don't clean the vents, it may cause a risk of overheating. The buildup of dust on these parts will impact the cleaning power and the overall efficiency.

7. Check the belt

The belt is designed to keep the brush roller moving and in the right position. Over time, it won't roll properly, leading to less efficient operation because it stretches and becomes weak.

If the belt starts getting too much slack, you should replace it with a new one. You also need a replacement if wear and tear and debris damage your belt by causing cracks in it.

Finally, check if the belt has simply slipped and put it back in place.

Enjoy the new look of your vacuum cleaner now!

Whether you invest in the best rated vacuum or an ordinary vacuum cleaner, proper maintenance can help you keep the machine in a good condition and last for a long time.

If you know other useful tips to add to this list, don’t hesitate to let me know by adding your comments below.

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妻Mint Leafと
DAIKI Aabye發表於2017年 01月 21日(六) 13:07










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こんにちは^v^b 私の四季のSIM中の冬SIMは一年中クリスマスのつもりです。音楽もずっとクリスマスにちなんだ選曲をするラジオを流しています


場所は、ここ      hop://JOGRID.NET:8002/tim%20Land/300/125/32   です。

この先冬SIMには小さなスケートリンクやそりなども置けたらいいなって思っています。今のところ夏SIMと秋SIMはスカイが長い廊下でつながりました。冬SIMにもスカイを作って廊下でつなげます。そこにはそこでまた何かプレゼントを置くつもりです~。 たのしいJOGの暮らしに加われたらとってもうれしいです。 よろしくお願いいたします^v^b

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千と千尋の神隠し in Japan open grid 正式開店 現在公開中

油屋SL本店を2013年に閉店して約3年の間に色々な事がありましたが、 2016年12月にJOG三週年記念に併せて正式公開する運びとなりました。





[ 修改時間: 2016年 12月 22日(四) 13:12 ]

JOG meets 集会所横の広場にフリマ・スペースを設けています。

JOG users グループであれば、誰でも自由に置けます。出品するものにいまのところ制限は設けていません。ご自分のオリジナルな作品でなくても、珍しいもの、面白いも のなど、コピー・転売可能なものでお薦めのものがあればどうぞ。ご自分のSIMにすでにショップを持っていて、そのアンテナ・ショップとしてTP看板をと もに設置することも構いません。置いたものはグループ共有に設定しておいてください。



一人で多くの商品を置かれる方は、自前のショップ、または JOG meets モールのご利用をお奨めします。



  • lsl-markdownに興味のある方
  • 前回を逃した方
  • 聞きたいことがある方
  • markdownを書き始めたけどわからないから指導してほしい方

lsl-markdown for JOG(alpha2)本体は
当日の配布物、またはJOG Markdownのグループ通知からGetしてください。


場所:Sandbox SIM
日時:11月3日 20時00分~22時00分


*JOGサイト内 lsl-markdownプロジェクトページ*

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妻Mint Leafと
DAIKI Aabye發表於2016年 09月 13日(二) 11:29






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白鷹 いず的相片
白鷹 いず發表於2016年 06月 12日(日) 04:23


(↑ものは言い様ですね(ぉぃ )





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